Brad L. Davidson
General Sessions & Juvenile Court Judge

“My goal in this office is to be fair and impartial to all the people who come in front of me. I try to treat everyone with the respect they deserve and strive to be as consistent as possible. Hopefully folks feel they get a ‘fair shake’ when they must be in my court. One of my pet peeves is the rampant abuse of narcotics, especially methamphetamine in Cocke County. My job is to do my utmost to protect the law abiding, hardworking citizens of Cocke County from those who believe they must break the law.”

  • Director of Juvenile Services, Jennifer Shelton
  • Youth Service Officer, Martha Newman
  • Administrative Assistant, Kristine Dodge

Elected Office: General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge on August 7, 2014.

General Sessions Court

  • Misdemeanor criminal cases
  • Civil cases less than $25,000 – Mostly collections and detainer actions
  • Traffic citations
  • Nearly all felony cases begin litigation in this court
  • Juvenile Court
  • Delinquent matters
  • Dependency and neglect actions
  • Child support enforcement

Important Information

111 Court Avenue | 2nd Floor
Newport, TN 37821

Juvenile Services
111 Court Avenue | 3rd Floor
Newport, TN 37821