How does my inmate get to be a Trusty?

There are some charges that exclude a person from trusty privilege. Tennessee Code Annotated 41-51-104 (2008) prohibits anyone who must currently register as a sex offender from being a trusty. Locally, if an inmate has been a disciplinary problem they may be passed over for a job. They must be able to pass a drug [...]

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When my inmate appears in court and the judge releases them, why does it take so long for them to be booked out?

When the judge releases an inmate, there is more involved than just his word. There is still the need for the paper trail for proof of what took place. The paper trail can take some time. All the while your inmate is being processed, chances are several others are, also. They also want to leave [...]

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When does my inmate go to court?

The General Sessions and Circuit Court clerks along with the District Attorney decide when an inmate appears in court. When court is in session, the Control room will receive a list from the court Bailiff and the inmate will be escorted to court. The jail staff has no control over this.

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